Seattle Meowtropolitan is Seattle’s first Cat cafe that provides a place for visitors to play with cats in a cafe environment.

Our project aims to provide a bridge between cats in Meowtropolitan and visitors. 

My Role: Design, Prototype
Collaborators: Shiyi Xiong, Amie Thao

Meowtropolitan is developing a feature that introduce each cats to visitors. 

A-ha moment:

crowd control - visitors waiting (i.e. drop in visits, waiting for coffee); good ice breaker.




We conducted comparative analysis over eight cat cafes across the U.S. The majority of cat cafes hold events regularly to encourage customer loyalty.

unstructured Interview

We started our research by interviewing Matt, the co-owner of Meowtropolitan. Matt specifically talked about how there is a surge of visitors during some days of a week. 

Survey results

Matt shared a survey they conducted with over 200 participants. The survey helped us identifying the demographics of Metropolitan's visitors.

Card Sorting

We conducted an open card sort with twenty participants.

We used a Similarity Matrix to analyze how activities/features related to each other. The higher the score (the darker the color), the more frequent the items were paired up together.       



Based on the survey results and card sorting activities, we generated four persona to visualize Meowtropolitan's main customers. 


Design Requirements

  1. Encouraging customer loyalty.
  2. Creating a supporting community of people with common interests.
  3. Providing relaxing, stress-free environment.
  4. Keeping experience novel and fresh.


Top three ideas

Cat Tokens - use tokens to reward frequent customers.

Crowdsource Creativity - engage customers to organize new events and features.

Customer Host - Invite customers to host events each month.



We had a tough time reaching consensus among our three top ideas. Therefore, we quickly prototyped each idea and tested them on Meowtropolitan's visitors.

Paper prototypes

We tested on three visitors for each idea. The combination of "Cat Tokens" and "Crowdsource Creativity" received the most attention.